Silk Road Tour

It is impossible to learn the history of South Kazakhstan without such great cities as Taraz, Otrar and Turkestan. Otrar is a historic-archeological monument of I- XVIII centuries.
One of the largest shopping and cultural centers on a Great silk road, Otrar played a special role in fight against Genghis Khan's hordes. A famous scientist-lexicographer Al' Farabi was born here. The city had a library that could compete with the famous library in Aleksandriya.

Forty-year excavations enable our contemporaries to learn new facts about the history of their native land. An architectural monument of the XIV century - Arystan Baba mausoleum is located not far from Otrar city. Arystan Baba was a Muslim preacher, a religious mystic of the XII century, teacher and mentor of Khoja Akhmet Yassawi.