Northern Kazakhstan

Borovoe - Zerenda- Blue hill - Zheke Batyr scale - Zhumbaktas scale - Ok-zhetpes scale - Borovoe lake. National park «Burabay» is the recreational pearl of Kazakhstan. It is situated on the north of Akmolinskaya oblast in highlands, full of magic miracles. Magnificent pine forests, big cliffs, tops of fantastic forms are divided by quiet lakes. Local guides proudly call this land ‒ Kazakhstani Switzerland.

You can also visit Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve is located in 170 km from Astana. The total area of the Reserve is 2600 square kilometres, more than 60% of the territory consists of numerous lakes. Discover Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve, in the period from May to September, visiting one of 4 ecological routes (optional) designed specifically to study the nature reserve of the region.

One-day excursion to "Kazakhstan Switzerland" is a fantastic area with unique beauty landscapes created by nature from blue mirror lakes, majestic mountain landscapes, coniferous forests and deciduous groves...

The state national Park "Burabay" (Borovoe) occupies 85 thousand hectares of the North-Eastern part of the Kokshetau upland. In the Park there are 14 lakes with a mirror area of more than 1 square km each and a large number of small lakes. In Borovoye there are no monuments of material culture. But the very nature of the combination of majestic mountain landscapes, blue mirror lakes, coniferous forests and deciduous groves has created a unique and unique beauty of natural landscapes.
During the tour You will get acquainted with the most important architectural structures and monuments of the modern capital (independence Square, mosque "Hazret Sultan", Water-Green Boulevard, Round square), as well as its history and development plans.

The tour takes a circular route so that you can start it at any point of the city. In addition to a General tour of the facilities, You will visit the unique shopping and entertainment center "Khan Shatyr", as well as climb to the observation deck of the monument "Astana – Baiterek", where the bird's eye view is best understood the main concept of the city.
It is located in the Talas Alatau mountains in the Western Tien Shan. The total area of the reserve is 131,934 hectares. the Central place in the Aksu-Zhabagly reserve is occupied by Aksu canyon, a depth of about 1800 m. Aksu Canyon is not only a part of the natural reserve, but also a paleontological site with ancient rock paintings.the reserve is home to about 60 species of mammals, including rare species of animals such as argali, mountain goat, maral, stone marten, muskrat. Among these species 10 are listed in the Red Book.